The Return of Melamine

In order to throw a bright and colorful party with festive tableware, to infuse an adequate amount of color to the occasion, the average person would be resigned to the fact there will be a fair amount of waste at the party's end. Most generally they will purchase a number of colorful plastic tablecloths, cups, and utensils, in addition to patterned paper plates and napkins that are all inevitably and ceremoniously carried to the trash (in the non-biodegradeable trash bag ofcourse!) for their grand finale. In a read I found in one of my favorite blogs, Crunchy Domestic Goddess, she includes a section that touches on the tableware waste issue. In an article titled How to throw an eco-friendly party she explains,

"One of the biggest waste creators at a party is the tableware - the plates, cups, napkins, bowls, and eating utensils, and even the table cloths. All of this plastic stuff (made from oil) gets used once, then ends up in the landfills where it doesn’t degrade. You can avoid the waste and plastic altogether by using reusable tableware, which may be cost-effectively purchased from a restaurant supply store. If you enjoy throwing parties and do so often, this might be the best way to go."

This brings me to my subject dujour, reusable dinnerware, and Melamine's fashionable return to the spotlight! French Bull (featured above, left, and bottom left) explains, "The idea for French Bull came about by a desire to create homeware products for design conscious consumers at accessible prices. Melamine itself is resistant to high heat, shatterproof, BPA free, and an ideal ground for pattern." (featured right) showcases a vibrant display from The Wrought Irony dinner plates and Royal Farce side plates collections. When you consider the bold and rich patterns available and the visual impact these pieces can create at your next event, you will forget the long term savings involved by making such an investment.

With an array of unique patterns and styles available, Melamine dinnerware can take you from the outdoor BBQ to the Bridal Shower elite. Consider the boxed set variety for style and convenience (as shown), or buy separates for an eclectic vibe that makes for great dinner conversation! You will not only have a near zero-waste party, but an eye catching display for your guests to enjoy.

*If the budget does not immediately allow for reusable tableware, use products that are created from renewable resources rather than products made from limited resource fossil fuels and virgin fiber.


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