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Bonjour Frock Stars.  Instead of doing my usual "One Item, Five Ways", I'm doing an entire week of DIY wardrobe updates.... So, I'm serving up DIY for five days.  I get really sick of my clothes and constantly think I have nothing to wear, but really, my closet's stuffed with a bajillion different things.  Instead of going shopping this weekend, I remixed the shizz out of my wardrobe.  It's fairly simple to make something old new again.  Since it's Monday, and I never want to be at werq (I don't want to grow up), I'm gettin my DIY on with Peter Pan collars.  I mean get real, who doesn't dream about looking like this...

Peter Pan


Seriously though, Peter Pan collars are a sickening way to update your existing wardrobe.  Have a tee you don't ever wear... Add a collar, now it's chic.  Drab dress?... Peter Pan it, now it's werq appropriate.  Let's gets ta frockin.

What You Need:

ToolsYou don't need much to create a lil neck action.

  • A Peter Pan collar template.  I just google "Peter Pan Collar Template" and print one that I like.
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Fabric Glue (unless you want to sew your collar, I'm lazy).
  • Fabric (I used a lace dress that my bf put in the dryer and shrunk).

Creating Neverland realness takes less than one hour... Not including dry time.

Pop Ya Collar:

First, you need something boring that needs to be spiced up.

Boring Clothes

I picked a Roxy shirt that I never wear.  I actually love this shirt, it's super comfortable and the perfect length/fit, but it's too casual for me.  I also have like five dresses that look exactly like this blue one, so I thought I'd update it too.  This particular dress is from Forever 21, there's nothing wrong with it, just way too plain.

Once you select the items that you will be Pan-ing, start working on your template.

Peter Pan Collar Tutorial

  • Put the template on the fabric that you are using, and trace around it.
  • Cut the collar out using fabric scissors.
  • Place the collar onto your shirt or dress, and mess around with it... You want to make sure it's centered, and a good size.

Peter Pan DIY

Once you're happy with the positioning, glue your collar on.  Make sure that you smooth out any glue bumps by pressing down firmly... I like to use a pen and gently roll it across any glued areas.  Now, let it dry for a few hours.  If you choose to use lace (like moi), use another fabric underneath, it looks a lot cleaner.  I used a simple white fabric.

All the world is made of faith, and trust, and pixie dust...

Peter Pan Collar DIY

Werq!  It's almost like I went shopping.  I'll faux sho rock my new shirt with skinnies, leggings, or tucked into a pencil skirt... And, I'll actually start wearing this dress again.


If you Little Frockers DIY some new collars, tweet me pics @RockinAroundThe and let me know how it werqs out.

Frock On*


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