The Return to School with Two: Do We Coddle the Youngest?

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The breeze was cool as I walked my two little men to school. I was in disbelief that the summer was over and they were growing up before my very eyes. My oldest was going in grade four he ran ahead with excitement while my youngest entering grade two had straggled behind with trepidation.I balanced my stride in the middle between two the two attempting to look back and forward at the same time.

I admired how tall they grown and how independent they had become over the summer. It was this morning my oldest helped cook the eggs and my youngest tied his sneakers with pride.

School-HallwayIt was when we arrived at school my oldest looked at me, "Mom do you have to go with me? I know where I am going?"

"But don't you want me to meet your teacher?"

"You have met her already."

"It's fine. We will just walk you to your class."

"Please don't Mom! Please! I 'm a big man now. I can find it myself."

I saw the dread in his eyes, the fear I would walk him to class, and I knew my son was on the verge of becoming a tween. It was with that I let him run to his friends and find his way to his own class. I sighed it seemed too soon that he was growing up before my very eyes.My heart melted as he went on his way and it took all of my power not to hug him in public.

I then walked my youngest to his class. It was there I walked him into the classroom, helped him find his desk, and then assisted in unpacking his school supplies. I hovered over him until the teacher arrived and introduced herself to us. I gave him a smile as tear a welled up in my eye and wondered would he need me next year to help with finding his class and unpacking his school supplies.

I cherish the time with my sons. They are only young once and one day neither of them will need me at all. It's best to be there for them now before they grow to old and no longer want to be seen with their Mom.

Do you think parents tend to coddle the youngest more? Or is that an unfair assumption?

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