Reusable Alternatives

8. Starbucks drinks. Or any drink you get on the go. I'm not sure if every place will allow this, but Starbucks and some local coffee shops will let you bring your own cup to fill your drink with. Buy a cup in the size you order most of the time, and keep it on hand for when you want to get coffee in the morning. I keep my grande sized cup in my car just in case.

9. Refillable pens/toner. I heard of being able to refill toner and ink cartridges, but did not realize you can also refill some pens and markers. I'm constantly throwing out pens and buying large packs of them, so I will need to look into the refillable pens. You can refill some ink cartridges at stores like Office Max, and even CVS.

10. Hand soap. This is not a reusable option as much as it is a better alternative. Castile soap is made from completely biodegradable ingredients and is not harmful to you or the environment. I use the Dr. Bronner's brand which is ethically sourced and fair trade. The soap comes in both liquid and bar form, and costs more than your standard hand soap. The liquid soap is an all-purpose cleaner, so we use it in our soap pumps, to clean the bathroom, and as a body-wash. This soap can replace many of your regular household cleaners.

No product will ever have zero impact on the environment. Even the greenest products impact the environment by just existing. But you can choose products that have less of an impact, or don't use resources that aren't sustainable. It's a give and take, so don't feel bad if you use some disposable products.

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