Reveling In My April Easter Garden

My newly planted April Easter garden, high in the cool, fresh mountain air where we now live, amidst nature and roaming wild life, suddenly seems hopeful to survive. The [gentle] deer have been aggressively eating everything green and tender and dear to me—helping themselves to my fruit trees, eating them plum-bare to the branch! But soon, and not soon enough, my April Easter garden will be as colorful as painted Easter eggs, with choice fruit and vegetables and herbs that will delight my simple heart and spark my cooking creations for many months to come.

 Reveling In My April Easter Garden 1

Since moving into our newly rented home this past January, we have since discovered that the quiet and peaceful deer, at least a baker’s dozen, that have roamed this property for many decades, eat everything in their path. We made the discovery of the havoc they are capable of soon after having moved here. After only mere days of meticulously strategizing where to place our fruit trees so that they could continue to thrive, they were ravaged!

 Reveling In My April Easter Garden 2

Quickly and desperately we began a quest to find the best way of dealing with this problem. Many things were recommended, but all had suggestions that were not best suited, not for us and not for the animals that have lived here before us. We didn’t want to do anything that would throw off nature’s perfect balance.

 Reveling In My April Easter Garden 3

  • Electronic Pest Control: it repels animals and birds and bees (Hated the idea)
  • Dryer sheets: UGLY, tried it, and didn’t work after 1 week and after it rained
  • Caging the fruit trees: also UGLY, and costing money and valuable time
  • Personally marking your territory: oh, I don’t think so! Can you imagine?

 Reveling In My April Easter Garden 4

We, instead, took a little time to place our trees on higher ground, such as: built platforms out of bricks, putting the fruit trees out of easy reach. And we are making use of the barbecue pit, tall and built of bricks, to situate our pots of heirloom tomatoes and bell peppers and chiles out of deer range.

 Reveling In My April Easter Garden 5

I will update in 1 month, pictures included, and show how my fruit and vegetable heaven is doing.

 Reveling In My April Easter Garden 6

We dream a life to be; we live to dream that life! (vka)


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