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  • Abeego are "reusable food storage" wraps, covers, and twist ties. This Canadian company was founded by Toni, who created Abeego in 2008.
  • Wrap, cheese, vegetables, herbs, cover bowls and dishes. Easy to maintain and clean, with soap and cool water. Use them for school, work, picnics. Less bulk then traditional plastic and glass food containers.
  • Price range, not including shipping costs or tax: $$. Check out
  • My personal test was the juicy fruit test. Wrapped juicy fruit pieces in Abeego, used warm hands to seal the edges. I tested this out at home first because I didn't want to risk getting juice at the bottom of my tote bag. I used pineapple, cantaloupe and grapes. First test was leaning the hand warmed/sealed package on an angle, to mimic the Abeego wrapped fruit package being tossed around a tote, for 1 hour. Happy to say it passed the leak test. So I took it a step further and left in in the fridge overnight. To see if the change in temperature would challenge the tight seal. Again the Abeego passed the test. Pretty impressive! (I do have to admit that I did not follow the wrapping directions as shown in the company video, but I used common sense and it worked out just fine.)
  • I also use Abeego as a bowl cover, fruit, vegetable, and cheese wrap. I'm slowly testing it out on other food products.




  • Less use of plastic wrap, foil or wax paper. Hoping to not buy more of the other products when they run out.
  • Keeps other fridge smells off of the Abeego wrapped food.
  • Kept food fresh. No dried out edges or crusty tops.
  • Even without the tight seal (when I did not wait for the Abeego to come to room temperature & become flexible again), the cheese did not dry out.


  • There is a waxy residue left on the edge of your bowls or plates. It's not a big deal because it washes away with hot water and soap. But until you wash the dish, the stickiness may be a bit off putting to some that are bothered by textures.
  • You won't get the tight seal that the cheese, for example, had the first time you wrapped in with a room temperature Abeego. Many of us do not have the time to wait for the Abeego to become flexible again before re-wrapping a product.

I give Abeego wraps, 4.5/5. Anyone else try & like Abeego products?


(Note: This post is not sponsered, I'm doing this because it's a great product that my household is trying and liking.)

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