Review: Collide by Shelly Crane

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I read Collide (the first book in the Collide series) by Shelly Crane because I had so much fun reading the Significance series.  I was bummed that I didn’t love it as much.  I read somewhere (I think on Goodreads?) that it was Crane’s first book and that she never intended to publish it, and that might explain the issues.  Perhaps she’s just grown as a writer since then… or something. 

I’m willing to forgive and forget some editing issues with self published material, but this book was really all over the place.  It wasn’t even just all the rambling parts and unnecessary detail and dialogue, but also an already really disjointed plot that was even harder to focus on because of all the ramblings.  I just felt like the plot kept taking one unnecessary turn after the other, and none of it really seemed to going anywhere.  The ending didn’t seem so much like a cliff hanger, but more like she just stopped writing.  And there were some inconsistencies with both the plot and the characters that were distracting.  For example, the two characters with the same name.  Which would have been fine (maybe) if the name had been a common one like Mary or Wendy.  But it was Racine.  Awkward. 

Having said that, I really like the premise of the book.  I like the idea of the plot, and I liked the direction it was (finally) going towards the end.  And, I’ll have to admit that I’ve kind of regretted the decision to not jump into the next book right away.  I keep wondering what is gonna happen next.  I think I will end up reading the rest of the series (probably soon), and hope that Crane’s writing gets more cohesive (which is a good possibility, since it was better than this in the Significance series).  But the writing was just bad enough that it is hard to rave about what a cool idea it was.  Hopefully the second book in the series,Uprising, will bring something better.

So even though I am a Shelly Crane fan and will continue to read more of her stuff…

I give it:

2 stacks

TBR Challenge 2012