A Discovery of Witches Has an Excellent Mystery

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A Discovery of Witches may have started a little slowly, but the story only got stronger as it went along. Deborah Harkness managed to find a way to weave an excellent story, pulling together characters and giving them full stories that make you want to read more.

Finally there is a story involving vampires and witches that is geared to adults who want more than teenage angst or all the extra sex filler of some other books.

The book is an excellent mystery that slowly pulls you in, and by the end you cannot wait for the next chapter. Along with the main plot unraveling, a history of the witches and other creatures emerges which on its own is great read and adds to the plot without boring the reader or distracting them. It actually makes you want more of that information to read and learn about the creatures that are out there in this world created by the author.

When it did come time for the end, I'll admit I was disappointed that there wasn't more. It left me wanting to read more, which is when I checked and found this book is supposed to be the first part of a trilogy. There is no information about dates for the next installment, but I know I will be reading that as quickly as possible.

If you even just liked the Twilight or Sookie Stackhouse books then I really believe this book will make you happy and anxious for the rest of the tale.

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