Review: Hitachi Wand - Is it Really a Big Deal?

I've used vibrators for years. Small vibrators, large vibrators.  Bullets, rabbits, vibrating butt plugs, hand held personal massagers.  I love them all, but what was the big deal and all the hoopla about this "Magic Wand" by Hitachi?Hitachi Magic Wand at ACME Sex Toys

About a month ago, while looking over new inventory for the online sex toy store with my husband, I mentioned that I'd really like to know about the mystery surrounding this "magic" device and why so many people cherish it and keep it amongst their most prized possessions.

Well, wouldn't you know it?  When our next shipment arrived, it included a "Magic Wand" just for me.   I could barely open the package because my hands were shaking so much in great anticipation.  The wait was over and I'd discover what apparently the whole world except me knew to be true. The sleek wand was beautiful and I could tell immediately that the quality of this little beauty was far beyond the vibrator errrrr, massager that I had been using.  I plugged it in and turned it on low.  I'd learned when I visited a friend a few years back that the best way to tell the power of a vibrator was to touch it to the tip of your nose.  After feeling the great sensation on low, I powered that puppy up to high and, again, touched the tip of my nose.  Boy, was I in for a treat later!!

Later that evening when we were getting ready for bed, my husband went to the bathroom to do his evening toiletry routine.  I made good use of the time alone in the bed to experiment with my new friend under the covers.  Eyes rolled back into my head and off in never-neverland, I never even knew when my hubby came to bed to join me.  I just know that an hour and a half (and multiple orgasms later), we both laid back, our chests heaving gasping for air.  We smiled at each other with a knowing look in our eyes.  We knew we'd found the holy grail of vibrators and would never go anywhere without our Hitachi Wand.

Is it really that different?  Hell, yes!  It has immense power, yet it isn't as noisy as other massagers I'd tried before.  It's not silent, mind you, but it doesn't sound like an airplane taking off from your bedroom either (yes, we had one that sounded like that).  The design of the head of the massager allows you to vary the direct contact with your body at various angles.  The handle is lightweight and has a grip that is easy to maneuver.  The varying speeds is especially helpful (for me) when using it on my husband.  Sometimes the high speed can be a bit much for some of his more "sensitive" areas.

In summary, the Hitachi does cost a bit more than off-brand "personal massagers", but the difference is measurable and well worth it.  I will not hesitate to choose the same brand again when this one dies.  I guess the only thing that would make it better, would be to come out with a battery operated model, but hell, I'd have to invest in a battery company in order to be able to afford to replace the batteries and keep this baby running!

Happy Playing!