Review: Independence by Shelly Crane

 Independence by Shelly Crane

Independence is the fourth (and final) book in the Significance series by Shelly Crane.  I was super excited for its release in December, but I have loved this series.  But, I’m also sad because it is over.

Overall, I thought this was a nice ending.  The bow wasn’t wrapped too tightly or neatly, but it was wrapped, and gave me the catharsis I want at the end of a series.  I like it when not every conflict is resolved, leaving you with the feeling that these characters will go on living their lives after the author has stopped writing.

There were a few things I was disappointed about.  I felt like in the previous book, Defiance, Maggie was really starting to come into her own and develop her powers.  But I felt like that all fell a little flat in this book.  She didn’t do much as the Visionary at all, and barely used her magnificent powers.  I would’ve liked a nice power show down.  I like a powerful female protagonist.  Not that Maggie wasn’t strong, she certainly was.  But, you know.  Magic is cool.

Having said that, I still really enjoyed the book.  There is something about these characters and their romances that just makes me happy.  And, even thought it provided the catharsis I like at the end of a series… it still left me wishing it wasn’t the end of the series.  That is the sign of a good series.

I give it:

4 stacks 



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