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Inkdeath by Cornelia Funke is the third book in the Inkheart triology, following Inkheart and Inkspell.  And it was a great finish!  I loved the progression of the story throughout this series.  You know a story and its characters experience growth when it starts out a middlegrade book and ends a solid young adult book.  Meggie is not a little girl anymore.

The thing I love most about this series is the way it explores the idea of a well told story.  It delves into all the parts of the story that aren’t on the page.  For every character you read about, there are so many implied characters that you never think about.  It’s not even just all the people that your character knows.  It’s all the people they know.  It is where people who are two or three times removed from your main characters grew up, and the people they knew throughout childhood.  It is the places that reside beyond borders that are discussed in the book, but not explored.  The Inkheart series, and Inkdeath even more than the other books, explores those possibilities.  Places and characters and ideas keeping presenting themselves and surprising everyone who believes they really know the story they are lost in—even (and especially) the author of it, Fenoglio.  It is all of those twists and turns that make this book such an exciting one to read.

And Funke is such an amazing writer.  I love her writing style and they way she developed the characters and plot.  Props also must be given to the translator, Anthea Bell (the original is in German).  Not once while reading did I think about the fact that it wasn’t in the original language, which is good news.

Inkdeath was a great end to a great adventure.  If you’ve haven’t begun the Inkheart series, you need to start now.  And if you stopped after the first book, you’re missing all the best parts.  Keep reading.  If you stopped after the second book, I just don’t understand you.  Read this.  Now.

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I give it:

5 stacks

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