Review: The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown

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The Lost Symbol is the third book in Dan Brown’s Robert Langdon series.  The first two are Angels and Demons andThe DaVinci Code.  I enjoy Dan Brown’s books, but I think I’ve decided it’s not because I think he writes the best mysteries around.  They are good, but not great.  What is great about his books is all of the information about interesting things contained therein.  And where the first two books staring Robert Langdon contained a lot of information about art and architecture in Europe, this third book was based in Washing, D.C. and contained a lot of information about the history of that city as well as freemasonry and its connection with our founding fathers.  It was fascinating.  (caveat: this is a work of fiction, so to really learn about the topics covered it’s best to do your own research.  too many people come away from books like this forgetting that.)  

As for the storyline, it was compelling enough.  It’s not mind bending or incredibly profound, but it’s appropriately mysterious and fun with a good twist at the end.  I loved the villain, which makes or breaks this kind of book.  I like the short chapters and the disjointed actions, which creates some good suspense.  I think they are also why these books make such great movies.  Its like he’s set up the scenes for a screen play.  I liked the book a lot, and will see the movie when it gets made…  but I’m not gonna be holding my breath waiting for it. 

If you’ve read the other two and like them, read this book.  If you haven’t read any of them, and like an interesting mystery thriller, read all three. 

I give it:

3 stacks 



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