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The Savage Grace is the third book in The Dark Devine Series by Bree Despain, following The Dark Devine and The Lost Saint.

I’m not sure quite why this review has been so hard to write.  I finished this book several days ago, and usually write up my reviews right away.  But I just keep mulling it over. I think I just can’t decide whether I like it or not… which is never really a good sign.  I really loved The Dark Devine and enjoyed The Lost Saint, so I’m a bit disappointed that the final installment in this series didn’t bring it home for me. 

I think there was just something about the plot line, and the continuing development of the relationships in the book, that didn’t seem believable to me.  There were too many moments when I felt like Despain was trying to create a moment, but was only succeeding in letting me know she was trying. I felt like the ending was forced.  And “the big reveal” at the climax of the book had been so obvious all along that it was just the epitome of anti-climatic.

And, oh my smurf, I hated the time increments.  “Five minutes later” was annoying.  “Then not-quite-but-almost-hyperventilating breaths later” was melodramatic.  “Later” was just lame.

There were moments I enjoyed, and characters that I grew even more fond of.  But those just weren’t the things that stuck with me when I think back on the story. 

It’s a bummer.  I like the rest of this series and would have loved to enjoy this book.  And I’ve had several friends who loved it, and am disappointed I don’t get to join them in that.  It is what it is, though.

It was left open ended, and I kind of hope she continues to write on the series, for a shot at redemption. 

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I give it:

2.5 stacks 



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