Rice, Rice Baby (Steps)

My six-year-old is an aspiring photographer.

As in, he "aspires" to cut off my head in nearly every picture he takes.

Never fear, he captured my nose, in all its glory.

And the rice! See the rice? Pay close attention to the rice!

That's a 20# bag I'm pouring right there. I wasn't kidding when I said that we eat 40# of rice each month.

There's gotta be some kind of support group for addictions like mine.

(Nice if that was my only problem.)

But my big ol' bags bring me a measure of satisfaction because--they're filled with rice. Just waiting to be cooked and stuck to my thighs.

No! That's not it!

These bags are made of paper! Which can be reused! And recycled!

Whenever I empty a bag, I then use it to collect the 18 gazillion sheets of scrap paper my sons go through each day. Planes they are building, wads they are throwing, "books" they are "writing" (which happen to be about the same quality as the photos).

[I'm going to take a little commercial break here and reveal that the title of my oldest son's first book is, "The Angry Place."]

[Now, if that doesn't cause a Mama to run for the rice, I don't know what will.]

So these paper bags!

I get so excited at keeping 37 plastic bags out of the landfill each month. But even that small victory loses its thrill when I see how far I have to go in so many other areas of being green.

But I tell myself that each step counts, even the "Rice Rice Baby" Steps. And over time, I'll hopefully become a little less wasteful, and a little more resourceful. And by that point, I might have a picture of Me and My Beloved Rice that actually shows my face.

Then my son can write a book about it.

We'll call it, "The Happy Place."

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