Rich Mums Are Not Real Mums?

Of the many dismissive comments being thrown around Mr Bloggy this week about Ms Sarah Jessica Parker’s new movie, ‘I Don’t Know How She Does It’, there is one persistent comment which gives me pause.

Namely, that women with money, big houses and the ability to pay for help are somehow not real mums.

No. Apparently, the ‘real mums’ are the ones covered in excrement from head to toe, have jobs which are unglamorous and who constantly strive to make ends meet rather than striving for the meeting of minds at company Board fests.

Mr Bloggy went further and left the assination of a movie character to denigrating the real life actress behind the part. Yes, she too was found wanting and stripped of her Real Mummy credentials. Last I heard the talk was heading to Ms Parker’s house for a Live-In-Nanny witch hunt, with lighter fluid and a lit torch to hand.

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