Ricki Lake and Me - a Moment on Camera

I had my brush with fifteen minutes of being (kind of) famous recently. What happened was I met Ricki Lake, and made a commercial, and it was all pretty great.


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Ricki Lake

Because I am part of a social media group called Friends of Ricki which is headed up byDabney Porte and Britt Michaelian, I was asked to make a promo spot for “The Ricki Lake Show,” Ricki’s new talk show premiering September 10, 2012. The fabulous thing about this show is how it’s producers and creators are using social media to connect with Ricki’s fans. Through Twitter (#friendsofricki), Facebook, and Pinterest, Ricki Lake is creating a circle of smart, tech-friendly and media-savvy viewers, many that have something to contribute to ongoing conversations through the various social media platforms. Her producers are interacting with the public on a very personal level, making those of us who are “Friends of Ricki” feel like we are part of the creation and development of her new show – which in a sense we all are.


So back to me and my 15 minutes (or seconds, actually) of possible fame. I was instructed by Ricki’s Social Media Manager, Bryan Moore, to head to the Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica at 11:30 one recent Monday morning to film my promotional clip for Ricki’s show. He was so nice and friendly and I was thrilled to be asked – how could I possibly NOT do it? So I rearranged my schedule and planned on it.

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Santa Monica's Third Street Promenade

I was met by two very friendly production assistants who took my picture and then walked me over to the first stop, which was kind of a holding area. After getting “miked” by some very cordial young guys, I was offered food and drink, and then was touched up by a very nice make-up artist who did a good job of covering up the dark circles little imperfections around my eyes.

Soon I was escorted to another area where there were many cameras and big heavy electrical cords and lots and lots of people. It takes a lot of people to film a promo for a new television show. The director introduced himself to me and explained how the interview would work, including a camera with a sort of holographic image of his face that I was instructed to talk to as he asked me questions about Ricki Lake and her new show. Through this whole process, people were walking by and looking at me – and I know they were thinking I was “somebody.” I felt sort of (really very) important for a little while.
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Once filming started I was pretty comfortable. Everyone had been so welcoming and nice, and having that holographic director in front of me kept me calm, and also kept me from feeling like all eyes were on me. The best part of the whole thing though, was when, in the middle of my interview, Ricki Lake herself joined me on camera! Considering I had no idea she was even going to be there I’d say I kept my cool pretty well. She gave me a big hug and we talked about what I want to see on her show and what I do and what my life is like – now that I think about it, she interviewed me! Then I told her how terrific I thought it was that she had eloped just a few weeks before – so romantic.


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I’ve met quite a few famous people over the years, but none of them have ever asked me about myself. Ricki Lake exudes a genuine warmth and friendliness that make her instantly likable and comfortable to be around – perfect traits for a talk show host. I felt no awkwardness or sense of “I’m a star” coming from her at all. Not to mention she looks fantastic!

I am very excited about Ricki’s new talk show. I don’t know if they’ll use the promo I filmed, but that’s ok – it was a fun experience. I have a feeling “The Ricki Lake Show” is going to be a big success – and I’m glad to be a “Friend of Ricki,” virtually or in real life.



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