Riding the Brain Waves to a New Tomorrow

I know I've been whining about having to hide myself in the broom closet, lest someone figure out, in the real world, that I am a psychic. But wait! (as they say) there's new evidence that I may get to come out soon and cheerfully acknowledge that yes, I can see into the future.

Seriously.My blog title pretty much sums up what's about to happen regarding the coming validity of extra-sensory-impressions. Notice I did not say "perceptions." And not a moment too soon - at least for me! I can feel this  tidal wave of new understanding in the atmosphere -- as all over the world,  scientists study,examine, and heal the brain. They are opening new pathways to understanding how the Sixth Sense (ESP) works and proving that it does.

In an unusual coincidence (synchronicity), in the past two days,  I discovered both a recent book about the study of psychic experiences (The Gold Leaf Lady....) and a new book (about to be published) about the brain and emotions and how their inter-connection promotes extra-sensitivities (including ESP). Wowser!

You know, it's actually not that far a step from using the computer (input-output) today to using mind-mind connections tomorrow. It's going to take years and years of research and practice until we get there. But one day, we'll heave ho the old PCs and even the MACs. But I'm telling you, we are gonna get there.

    "Do you remember how electrical currents and 'unseen waves' were laughted at? The knowledge about man was still in its infancy." -- Albert Einstein







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