The Right to Bear Ridiculousness

After the Dark Night Rises shooting spree, gun control reemerged as a talking point.  Of course, I kept hearing conservatives say it “wasn’t the time” to discuss gun control.  Right.  Like September 11th, 2001 was an inappropriate time to discuss national security?  Give me a break.

Since people began talking about it anyway, I’ve seen a few memes on facebook that have really irritated me.  (See how I should just stay off facebook?)  I don’t understand how people (1) find these amusing or (2) think they are clever.  You show your salt when you post crap like this:

gun control 2

Indeed.  You do realize that this boils down to, “My neighbor has differing views than mine.  Please punish them with violence.  I will not only stand by while you do, I will stand by watching gleefully.”  I’ve seen this posted by people who claim to have the same religious values I do.  But how can that be?  I find this disgusting on every moral level. Also note, I don’t know a single liberal who wants to ban all guns.  If you really think that is the agenda, you’re not paying attention… I’d even argue you’re going out of your way to not pay attention.

Another one:

gun control 1

*sigh*  It’s true, criminals break laws.  Mind you, without laws it is awfully difficult to prosecute people for things that aren’t criminal unless those laws are in place.  You follow me?  I’m not sure that having fewer laws is really the answer for having fewer criminals.  This meme should read, “Anarchy. Please tell me how that works out better for everyone involved.”

The Guardian (British) recently did a piece about gun ownership.  I think it highlighted just how ridiculous Americans are about their “right to bear arms.”

gun per capita

That’s right, Americans keepin’ it classy.  We’ve narrowly beat out Yemen, and left everyone else in our dust (gun powder residue?). How embarrassed proud we should be.

Get a grip, folks.

To be clear: I don’t think gun control would have necessarily prevented the Dark Night Rises tragedy.  There are always going to be crazy outliers who find a way to hurt other people en masse.  That is a whole other issue to work on.  But, I do think someone like Trayvon Martin, for one, would still be alive if we had tighter gun control laws.  And we’re ridiculous for thinking our right to own guns (whatever we want and in whatever amounts we want we them) is more important than the lives that are lost by them.


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