Right now, the Internet is rewiring your brain

As you read this, your brain is be rewired. Yes, no matter how old you are, your brain is "plastic." It's capable fo changing based on our experiences and behavior (both good and bad).

The bad:

1. Social media sites like Facebook can make you jealous, depressed and (ironically), lonely. German scientists even have a name for the phenomenon: "Facebook depression." Surely you've experienced it in some form when you see your friend's trip to Italy, your sister's new baby or your cousin's promotion to head astronaut.

2. The Web can increase certain teens' risk of suicide. Researchers at the University of Oxford found a direct correlationb etween online time and self-harm and/or suicide.

3. Too much Internet time can decrease your memory capability. That's because the information overload makes it more difficult to file away information in your brain.

4. You can get addicted to the Internet. Research indicates the worst--in terms of technology addiction-- is gamers, though it's also an issue for those who regularly use email, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.

The Good:

1. The Internet can help you stay connected to family and friends you might not otherwise stay in touch with.

2. The Internet can actually boost brain function when used responsibly, especially for middle-aged and older adults.

3. Funny dog video, anyone? The Internet can make you laugh - and that's ALWAYS good for the brain.

Here's what I read: