The Right Questions to Ask Camp Directors & The Answers You Want to Hear

Finding the right camp for your child might feel overwhelming. I mean all the camps sound awesome. To me, the key is asking the right questions to the director. And I do feel strongly about talking to the director and asking all your questions prior to visiting the camp. That way if there's an answer you don't like, you won't visit that particular camp

Food for thought: If a camp director is too busy to pick up the phone and call you during the off-season, what will that mean while your child is at camp? 

Here are some questions that will give you insight to how a particular camp is run. With these questions, there are no wrong or right answers, but you need to listen carefully to find answers best suited to your parenting style and your child's needs.

1. What does the camp do if a child is homesick?

You will get a broad variety of answers. One camp said that they keep the kids up until midnight on the first night, so they don't have time to be sad. As a parent, if you know your child needs sleep, this may not be the camp for you. On the other hand, this might be a perfect strategy for some children.

2. How does the camp handle bullying?

Some camps take proactive measures to prevent bullying from the get-go. They have circle time each night. While some people might love this idea; others may find it too touchy-feely for their child.

3. How are the bunks put together?

This answer also will appeal to your personal preference--do you want your child to be with all the same type of kids--or do you think there should be a mix of kids in the bunk. As a mother of a child who is not so into sports, I'd be uncomfortable if the whole bunk was discussing sports and my child could not participate. However, I do like the idea of having a mix of kids, because perhaps that would introduce him to things that he doesn't know about.

4. How are teams selected?

Remember the days of team captains and picking teams? It can make some children feel uncomfortable. Find out if there are tryouts. If you have a super athlete, you may want a camp where he or she can really "show their stuff" and be with other kids at his or her level. To start your search, check out We've asked most of these questions for you.



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