The Right Words At The Right Time


I recently read a magazine article written by a women who was reminiscing of a camping trip she went on during her senior year of highschool. She saw herself back then as a plain, gangly, insecure girl with frizzy hair so was shocked one evening on that trip when a handsome boy walking by stopped to chat.   She was certain he was trying to get to know "her better looking friend" as certainly nobody that good looking would ever look at her.   When the evening was over and the camp fire finally went out he asked her for her address as they lived many miles apart and he wanted to keep in touch with her.   She never thought she would hear back and was shocked a week later after receiving a request of a photograph so he could always remember how pretty she was.  It was the following letter stating she was prettier than he remembered that was a life changing moment for her.  She explained how after reading the letter a number of times she finally saw herself the way he did.  She no longer felt like the ugly girl with the pretty friend but she was the pretty one.  Thanks to HIM she completely changed her perception of herself. "That Summer, for the first time in my life, a handsome boy chose me.  He thought I was beautiful and I am!! "  Those were the closing lines of the article and they made me cry. The reason for the tears was a handsome boy chose me one Summer too.  I was the shy, skinny girl with anxiety and glasses who I now jokingly say did not have the boys knocking down the door to date her.  When a friend showed me a picture of HIM and said she wanted to introduce us I told her she was absolutely NUTS and that he would never want to date me.  I nervously agreed to meet but was convinced he was going to wave to me but choose one of my exciting friends to ask out.  I was wrong as he genuinely did not seem disappointed when introduced and two days later we went on our first date. MY special HIM is still in my life 36 years later. The morale of my writing this blog today is you never know the impact you have on another person just by merely stating kind, encouraging, loving words.  Having low self esteem and a bad self image is a painful thing and while it took me a while to believe HIM and his loving words I know I am the person I am today because of them.
 You never know the life you might be saving by speaking a few kind words.    I know for a fact the impact of words and how some can hurt you to the core while others can heal you.  The article reminded me of the importance of sharing stories.  There are many people who may feel just like the author did 25 years ago as well as how I felt before meeting HIM. Self confidence is the best confidence and I want you to know you are a great and beautiful person.  Everyone of us in our lifetime has felt ugly and unworthy and even as adults we get knocked down at times.  Just like the reassuring words I heard from HIM I want you to know how beautiful you are.  I am  happy I read the article  because it reminded me of how far I have come in my life after having met HIM and I hope after reading this post today you will be reminded of your beauty.  We can all be the HIM to another person and all we need to accomplish this is loving words on a daily basis with everyone we meet. 


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