With This Ring

This evening, Miles will be initiated into a club whose membership is granted at a young age and celebrated in a big way. The club's uniform may be simple, a dress shirt, pants, and tie, or it may involve more formal attire, a child-sized tuxedo. On the momentous day of their induction to this club, when they enter the room to music, heads will turn, women will get teary-eyed, and that young man will take a long, slow walk down an aisle...holding a frilly pillow.

Yes, that's correct.  Today Miles, nearly four years old, becomes an official member of the Ring Bearer's Club. I'm not sure if there is a formal initiation process, but I'm betting it involves seeing how much of a disturbance you can create at a sacred ceremony.  His younger brother, Spencer, was asked to share this responsibility, but I had to squash those dreams after I saw into the inevitable future:  two very fast children running in separate directions on a golf course while I frantically chase them in heels. Instead, while one hundred and fifty guests gather to watch my father in law and his lovely fiancee tie the knot, Spencer will be hanging out with a babysitter at their house.

This wedding is definitely a family affair.  My father-in-law and his fiancee have five children between them.  Both lost their spouses unexpectedly within the last four years and all of the children are either in the wedding party or officiating the ceremony. That last role belongs to my minister husband, the oldest of the kids.  It's currently raining, but that won't spoil the special mood of the day as two families become one.

Last night at the informal wedding rehearsal, I presented Miles with his ring bearer's pillow.  He responded by saying "Ladies and gentlemen!  Welcome to...my pillow!"  I'm hoping that if there is some kind of similar dramatic outburst by him tonight, it's one that makes everyone smile rather than cringe.  At our wedding almost seven years ago exactly, my nephew (five years old at the time), shot fake Spiderman webs at the audience from under his pillow during the ceremony.

By this time tomorrow, Miles's stint as a ring bearer will be complete, his induction finalized. With any luck, his presence will go largely unnoticed save for many "Awwww"s as he and the flower girl make their way down the aisle. This day isn't about him, but after tonight he will have gained a new set of family members. I'm glad he can be a part of the wedding but even happier to be a part of this growing family.

Congratulations Craig and Kathy!


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