Riot in my city post Stanley Cup Final Game

After watching the Canucks vs. Boston Stanley Cup final game, fans were disappointed but some people decided to lash out and now we are in the middle of a riot.

After losing power in the middle of blogging I am up and running to say how incredibly bad this situation is. These idiots are not representative of true fans of the game, simply idiots that gather to do damage such as this.

There are injuries, extreme property damage, looting and groups of people who are too scared to leave buildings in the area. Fires are located throughout the downtown core but fire crews are not able to get safely into unsecured areas. Sadly there are reports of injuries to Boston fans but until the light of day one may not fully know the extent of the damage.

Some of the crowd is thinning out in areas but others remain determine to cause havoc. Bus service is limited as the company is afraid to bring in their buses and staff. Skytrain is packed with people trying to get out. Police from other areas are coming in to assist.

This was supposed to be a celebration, either way, a chance for Vancouver to replicate the joy and fun that was experienced with thousands of people during the Olympics. Instead a few people hell bent of destruction have taken over. British Columbians are very sad about all of this. This is truly a tragic situation!

Watching all these, mostly young males, intent on keeping this up I can only hope that video coverage will bring some of them to justice. Our police are showing a lot of restraint when necessary but doing the best they can with the mob mentality.

A sad state of affairs that will be felt for many weeks to come and most likely will affect our cities ability to put on such a party in our streets ever again.

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