RIP Big Man (

Clarence Clemons, the beloved saxophonist and gifted soul of Bruce Springstein & The E Street Band, died on June 18th from complications related to a stroke he suffered on June 12.

If anybody ever doubted the power of a great sideman, they should look closely at The Big Man, as he was affectionately known, for all the testimony you need that beside every genius is usually, well, another genius.

Most of the media coverage of Clarence Clemons' death highlights the inspiring relationship he had with Springstein. They had a "brotherly...unbreakable camraderie", according to the NY Times and in Rolling Stone, Springstein is quoted as saying, "He always lifted me up. Way, way, way up," which is exactly where Bruce Springstein and the E Street Band's music took its fans in its heyday.

From power duos to stars and their sidemen, great relationships create beautiful music. I never had the gift of seeing Bruce Springstein and the E Street Band perform live, but I am definitely a fan. These are two of my favorite tracks -- Growin Up and Spirit in the Night. Enjoy.

Rest in peace, Big Man, you and your music are loved and missed.