RIP Common Sense: A Mother's Free Advice to the Campaign of 2012

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From the Mudroom

What happens when common sense isn't so common?  I realized that today, as I type this, it is nine months before the next presidential election.  Wow.  This is going to be one long, bumpy road, hang on by the seat of your pants, pregnancy.

In my hometown, we just held a special congressional election after our former representative was forced to resign due to allegations that he made unwanted advances to the teenage daughter of his friend and campaign donor.  What a way to say "thank you." Isn't it alarming that this sort of news isn't so shocking anymore in the world of politics?Anyway, newscasters reported  a record low turnout for this election as voters were fed up with the mud slinging between the two challengers in this race.  I can confirm,  it was bad.  I couldn't get through a single game of "Words for Friends" without looking up and seeing a TV advertisement that was so over-the-top negative that I'm surprised I didn't spell words like "Liar" "Unethical" and "Cheat"  during my game. Let me tell you what this means to me when I put on my mother ears: I will be hearing nonstop arguing, finger pointing, the blame game and " don't look at me, it's their fault" for the rest of the year.  Mothers out there, you know what I'm talking about.  If I wanted to hear that on a continuous loop,  I would pull up a chair, open a bottle of wine and listen to my children argue which, by the way, has a daily showing at the top of every hour.  Honestly, I think I would have more fun pulling my eyelashes out one by one.

So tell me, why on earth do I want to turn on the news and listen to the latest negative soundbites by our candidates for the highest office in the land?  And what about those news pundits arguing back and forth?  Anyone who enjoys that likes sorting and folding laundry all day or slaving over a stove to satisfy a picky eater.  So to our presidential candidates, campaign managers and spin doctors, anyone who make the big bucks, forget about hiring focus groups and consider this my gift to you:  no cheap shots, no tacky "discoveries" like  your rival's great grandfather's brother's son once removed was a cross dresser.  Big deal, come and sit around my Thanksgiving table and I'll show you dysfunctional.  Keep the blame game at bay, defend yourself with dignity and focus on issues we care about.  You know, silly stuff, like jobs.

Do we really want our candidates spending millions of dollars on negative advertising?  Doesn't it leave you with a bad taste in your mouth?  Where are the priorities?  Common sense?  Are you not disgusted that over one billion dollars will be spent by our presidential candidates for a job  that pays $400,000 a year?  Yes, yes, yes, I know. It's the power, prestige and maybe the thrill of jumping up and down on the Lincoln Bed that is appealing to our candidates but I can assure you, that rumble  you hear is our forefathers rolling over in their graves.  Or maybe it's the sound of too many empty stomachs of hungry children in our country who could benefit from a few of those dollars.