Rip Whitney Houston

What a strange night, I was drinking a glass of Moscato, and playing around Facebook when a cousin posted Whitney Houston Dies at age 48. I had to do a double take, Whitney Houston? She is dead? That had to be a hoax, I thought. Unfortunatley, it was not. She was found dead at a Beverly Hill hotel,cause of death is still unknown, she was 48. So, I read the work up they did on US disappointing. Not a good piece of work in my opinion.

I remember hearing her on the radio all the time as a kid. She was always on, you could recongnize that voice anywhere. She could sing low or high, and reach those high notes that you didn't even know was possible. I remember growing up hearing her sing, along with Gloria Esteffan,Tina Turner, and Michael Jackson. You would see her music videos all the time on MTV. Yes kiddies, there was a time when MTV actually showed music videos all the time. Yes, music video television, and not just at 4 in the morning. ahem.

My friends and I would try to sing like her, failing of course but try we would. She was a force in the music industry in her prime, she even did a few movies. I remember seeing her play in "The Bodyguard" with Kevin Costner. Wasn't the greatest movie, but the music is what I liked.

She unfortunatley became the joke, and the one to make fun of later after years of drug use.Her shows got cancelled, her voice suffered, she suffered, and her fans suffered. Her life became comedian gold. Kathy Griffin would yell "BOBBAY" just like she would on her reality tv show. I can not say I didn't laugh at that, I did it was funny. However,even through all her troubles, I would just remember the music, not the drugs, not the spiraling relationship of doom exploited in the tabloids. Her voice was what people should have remembered. Just like with Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson, it's the music and voice, people really care about.

Her voice will be one of the greatest, at 48 she was still young and it is a tragedy for her children and family. My thoughts go out to her family.Rest in Peace Diva.

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