Rise and Shine

When I was in college I knew someone who knew someone who was trying to widdle is required sleep time down to three hours because he read somewhere that geniuses only needed three hours sleep. Appartently there are people who do this and there are guides that set out to help you train yourself to need only three hours sleep.

Goodness me, why would anyone want to do something like that? Sleep is one of the beautiful gifts this life has to offer us. I still don't understand why young children seem to object to it so much. If someone where to tell me it was time to go to bed I wouldn't kick and scream, I'd grab a pillow and joyfully collasp.

I'm obviously no genius because I can't function with anything less than eight hours of sleep. Just ask anyone who knows me. Dive into the exciting world of sleep and find out what I think about it. If you dare. Just click here.


Life is all sunshine and sausages with The Mooch.



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