Risky Business

Ok... so funny story... I have the house to myself (yeah sliding across the floor like Tom Cruise in Risky Business... only in my sweats...well not really.. as that could truly be risky business) and I'm feeling good. It is the first day in a long string of days I haven't woken up in pain or with a headache! Oh... this is grand! All the way to my toes lovely!

Pop a little raisin bread in the toaster oven... outta butter in the fridge... no worries there is ALWAYS a ton in the freezer... I have the BRILLIANT idea to add it to the toaster over for just a few seconds to soften it.

"Bloop Bloop".. you know...the sound FB makes when someone is messaging you... and I'm in a good mood so... I run over just to see who it is and get wrapped up in a conversation... Did you remember I had butter... in the toaster oven?? I didn't!  You can read the full blog post @ Risky Business ...over at Stilettos In The Mud









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