See what our BlogHers are saying about new Ritz Crackerfuls for a chance to win $100


Update 8/20:  This sweepstakes has now  ended.  Please check back soon to see the winners. Thank you for participating!

You know that hunger you get between lunch and dinner?

Take care of it with new Ritz Crackerfuls - a delightfully satisfying snack that's perfect in between meals. Made with real cheese and 5 grams of whole grain per serving. Try one of the two deliciously unique varieties - Classic Cheddar or Four Cheese.
Real Cheese. Real Whole Grain. Real Delicious.

Ritz asked 8 BlogHers to satisfy their hunger with Crackerfuls.  Check out what our BlogHers had to say and enter for your chance to win $100.  Each blogger will choose one winner and that lucky person could be you! Click here for the official rules.

Fiddledeedee and kids loved Ritz Crackerfuls. It was one of the best snacks the kids had tasted in a while and mom even liked the added bonus of whole grains.

Gen from Welcome to Quadville said "When I was told the product I would be trying was RITZ crackers with cheese spread my heart skipped a beat! Did you say crackers and cheese?? Yummy!!!"

"Will this make it easier for me to entertain the often spur-of-the-moment company that my more social half likes to bring home?" Find out how Ritz Crackerfuls measured up too Leahs criteria from A Girl and A Boy.

Amie from Life with the Boys thinks that the crackers travel well especially for a day of outdoor activities with the kids.

Rhoda from Southern Hospitality said "You can count on the old flavor of Ritz crackers and the addition of cheese filling was a tasty plus. I'd definitely buy these from time to time for a quick snack to have around when I'm on the go"

Sandy, an avid snacker over at Eat Real, was pleased to try the new Ritz Crackerfuls because she tends to go for "savory-cheesy"snacks . She also liked the convenience of the individually packaged crackers.

Busy mom of 3 Jenny, from Jenny on the Spot, rarely has time to make a snack and always needs something she can quickly grab. See how Crackerfuls stacked up for this on the go mom.

The kids over at Notes From The Trenches gave mom Chris " Thumbs up all around. Along with the question that lets you know they really liked it. "Can you get these for us again, Mom?"