@RNC: Gustav spares NOLA, GOP kicks off with Bush, Lieberman speeches while BlogHers debate Palin

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Now that Hurricane Gustav has spared New Orleans the Category 5 thrashing many feared, the GOP convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul is moving beyond Monday's stripped-down program to a real kick-off Tuesday night.

Tonight's line-up will feature a speech delivered via video by President George Bush, whose Monday night address was canceled due to the storm while Laura Bush and Cindy McCain stepped in. Also speaking will be Democratic senator and former vice president candidate Joe Lieberman, who is supporting presumptive GOP nominee John McCain over Democratic nominee Barack Obama. Former Tennessee Sen. Fred Thompson also will speak. While Backyard Conservative attends the event with videographer Leah Peterson, BlogHer will host a live-blog tonight by Chilihead.

The RNC held some programs Monday, including this leadership summit for young women videoblogged by Backyard Conservative for BlogHer. In addition, CNN reports that nearly 300 protesters were arrested after a march by about 5,000 people.

Other than Blogger Nice Deb, who is not a fan of protests, you wouldn't know about the protests from reading too many political blogs by women. Most are still talking about Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, who is Sen. McCain's pick for vice president. On Monday Palin confirmed that her 17-year-old daughter is pregnant. In the past 24 hours, that discussion has evolved into an emotional conversation in the BlogHersphere about her personal decision to seek and hold elected office while being a mother of five children -- while other BlogHers question other peoples' willingness to judge Palin's decisions and still others ask everyone to return to the policy issues facing the country's next president. I cannot possibly summarize these conversations and still do them justice. Instead, I recommend these related links:

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  • Scrapbookingwithwords: Everybody's talking about...
  • Little Miss Attila: Obama: 'Back the f*** off of Bristol and Levi

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    Thanks - see you back here for tonight's live blog!

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