Many of you Mom’s are hitting the road this summer to visit College/University Campus’ all over the country this summer.  While it is so fun to walk around, take the tours, eat in the cafeteria etc. there is more to this visit and it can cause some great anxiety for your student athlete kid. 

You see sometimes, in our own excitement, we forget that our kids could be feeling anxiety, nervousness, and conflicted emotions.  Excitement with the possibility to play a college sport, live away from home and start a new chapter in their life can coexist with a reluctance to leave what they know, the familiar and general nerves that come with starting something new.  Remember freshman year in High School?  It is reliving that all over again.  Even more so if your child is shy or finds change difficult. 

So how can we moms make it a little easier on our kids?  First and foremost we must put aside our own desires and remember this is their college experience, not ours.  While playing a college sport is going to enhance their experience, it is not the whole picture.  Our student athlete children are still looking for what every other kid in the general population is looking for.  A place to call “Home”, where they will make friends, have new experiences and create wonderful memories on and off the field.  

I have heard the phrase “this is not a 4 year decision, but a 40 year one”.  Let this be their decision, their experience and in the context how the vision looks to them.  I know that I personally have had my own ideas of where I wanted to see my son play college football and so did my husband.  Guess what?  They did not exactly match what my son saw for his experience.  Allowing him to have that choice (as long as it was a good financial fit) increased his chance to be successful once he got there and was an opportunity for personal growth. 

Of course there are many factors to consider in this decision and you are the guide to making sure it is a well-informed one.

 Today, take a look at what “ideas” of the college experience you could be projecting on your student athlete, course correct, it could be the difference in your child’s future collegiate success.