"The Road", Cormac McCarthy

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-Read Backpacker magazine or Extreme Camper because that's pretty much what this whole book is about

-I liked the fact that no one really has a name. I always really wanted to make mine up anyway- I'll have that to look forward to

-Somehow the main character and his son don't make feeling aimless look so bad -Apparently we will all contract tuberculosis on 12-13-12

-All my work for the Heffer Project will go to shame since McCarthy writes about cows becoming extinct

-If you were negligent about paying homeless people any mind McCarthy gives you every reason to do that even more after the apocalypse

 -If you have a boat abandon it somewhere around 12-10-12. Most of the characters in this book stayed alive because of someone anchoring theirs near an off-shore dock.

 -According to this book you should bury lots of First Aid kits under the ground.

-Over the counter medicines do not have a long shelf like so seal yours in tight-proof containers

-Take LOTS of baths before 12-12-12. I rubbed my tub down with ammonia and washed my hair with soap and shampoo after finishing every single chapter.

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