Road Trip

Last week the Embees drove to Los Angeles for a vacation. You may have seen us–we were the pasty white ones without botox. The drive was about seven hours each way, which is darned near miraculous time with a 3 1/2 year old in the backseat. Bladder Of Steel Sally only needed to stop a couple of times to use the restroom, we packed lots of snacks and toys, and for a couple hours we even had Awesome Auntie M in the car for entertainment. But really, we owe Sally’s incredibly patient, calm, happy road-trip behavior to one thing: The portable DVD player. Eight inches of full color, remote controlled love.

I was reluctant to purchase this wondrous item a couple of years ago. It seemed like cheating on a test. . . . 


...Read the rest at The World: Through Mom-Colored Glasses


Summer Embee,


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