Roasted sweet corn juice





Note: today’s post kicked off Eat Well. Party Hard.'s participation in Vegan MoFo 2013! The theme over here is All No-Bake, All the Time (because, uh, I have no oven in China). Check out this massive participant list to meet other cool people + nab some amazing recipes. Now, to the juice:


To begin, I finally bought a blender. And holy crap, guys, I feel like myself again.

After sweating my way home from the grocery store this afternoon, I immediately opened that baby up, hoped that the all-Mandarin directions weren’t too important and threw in some leftover produce from the fridge. Crossed my fingers, squinted my eyes, aaaaaaand…SUCCESS.

There were real actual fist pumps, a real actual whoop of joy and a real actual solo dance session through this tiny apartment. Needless to say, I’ll be on a smoothie kick for about, oh, the next bazillion weeks.

The addition of this new little blender to my (very) humble kitchen totally threw today’s original roasted corn salad plans out the window. Salad? Too easy, and close enough to watermelon & corn salsa, anyway (though Beth, if you’re reading this, your recipes still rock my world!) Today, something obviously had to be blended.

But I’d already bought all this corn, so…why not just blend that, right?

Now, if you think I’m crazy (well, you’re probably right, BUT) don’t stop reading yet. Just remember all the other crazies that have come before me, okay?



Get the full recipe for roasted sweet corn juice on Eat Well. Party Hard.


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