The Roberts' Year in Review, 2010 Edition

What a big year the Roberts’ have had!  In January Kent, Alicia, Naomi, & Talley trekked from Lafayette to Orlando for Ali to take part in the Walt Disney World Half Marathon to benefit the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.  It was the first trip the Magic Kingdom for both Kent & Naomi.  You may know WDW as the “happiest place on earth” but that weekend it was also one of the coldest!  As Ali was lining up for the race in the wee hours of the morning it was not only down in the 20’s but it was SLEETING!!!  IN DISNEY WORLD!!!  That is NOT fair!!  The weekend was one of the coldest Orlando has had in years & it did put a strain on the fun.  Never did we think we would ever hear a 6 year old begging to LEAVE the Disney parks!!  Naomi was so cold, even in multiple layers – coats, gloves, & scarves that she actually asked us why we even went!!  Eventually it warmed up & by Monday we were sweating. In Disney MGM Ali auditioned for the American Idol Experience.  She made it all the way to the big stage!  She didn’t win but it was still fun!  Other than the race (Ali did it in 3:38:43, walking) the high point of the time spent in WDW was the 2 days our trip overlapped with our dear friends The Perry’s trip.  We got to spend a couple of days in the parks with them. It was so nice!


In February Ali & Naomi drove Kent up to Shreveport for another big first.  Kent served in Turkey at Incirlik Turkish Air Force Base in Adana, Turkey for over 2 months.  He hadn’t been away that long since before Naomi was born & hadn’t gone that far away since before he met Ali.  It was a great experience for him.  He was able to meet so many different people and try new foods.  He even got hassled by the TSA type people in Istanbul-what an adventure!! He did get to meet & spend the day with some guy named Drew Brees.  You might have heard of him- he plays pro football, I think (ha ha).  When it was time for Kent to return he ended up stranded in Turkey for an extra week or so due to the ash cloud from that Icelandic volcano.  Big fun!  He finally made it home, just in time for him to wash his clothes and pack back up.  He spent the last week of May & first week of June in England at Lakenheath RAFB.  Our little jetsetter! 

While he was in the U.K. Ali, Naomi, & Talley flew up to Denver to see Keana (Jered’s daughter) graduates from high school & spend a little time with Jered & the family & with “Big Naomi” & Thom.  Having never been to Colorado in the summer before we were surprised at how hot it gets!!  Ca fait chaud! (“That’s hot” in cajun)  Our summer was fairly laid back after that. 

Naomi started first grade in August & she is flourishing.  She has gone from a struggling reader to being one of the top in her class.  She has already surpassed the reading level goals for the end of first grade & is flying on!! She is becoming quite the little ham, too!  We are encouraging her to get involved with theater and performing- she is a natural!  She has had a big year with celebrities as well!  She got to meet the guys of Rockapella & they loved her!  In August she got to meet Justin Bieber & Sean Kingston & go to their show.  We got seats on the floor- 13th row!! (Bless Ali’s job!)

Ali is still working at 94.5 KSMB & over the summer she joined the praise band at church & is one of the worship leaders.  As of right now she is almost 2 years cancer free!  Kent spent the last 21 months working at M & L Forklift & made so many wonderful friends.  He enjoyed his job but felt called to move on.  Right after Thanksgiving he started a new job with the State of Louisiana.  He celebrated his 18th year in the military this year as well.  He is currently in the USAF Reserve, stationed with the 917th Fighter wing (soon changing to 307th Bomber) at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport.  His unit is a wonderful second family.  We are so blessed to have them in our lives! 

Ali’s mom lives here near us and after 2 long years on the market her house FINALLY sold!  Praise the LORD!! The best part about Talley selling her house is that her new house is only 2 streets over from our house!  YAY!!  So happy Granny will be sooo close!

This has been a good year for us and the Lord has blessed us wonderfully.  We hope your new year is blessed as bountifully!  Merry Christmas!

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