Robin Williams, Breastfeeding in Public and .... IRAQ?

Recently we have seen a surge of blog posts, facebook updates, twitter hashtags,  all relating to Robin Williams Suicide. I get it, it is a terrible loss and it too saddens me. It has brought some much needed talk forward regarding mental health issues. Issues, that hit close to home for a lot of people. Issues, that may have been overlooked if a celebrity had not been the one dealing with them.  I send my love to Robin William's family and friend's in this extremely difficult time. 

The same has happened with Breastfeeding in Public. With the past month being, breastfeeding awareness month. Many people have told their stories of being shamed, and some of being accepted.  I applaud all the women and men speaking out on this topic. Only good things can come when we as a people, speak out about these types of issues. We, in North America, have the luxury of freedom of speech. We are lucky that we have a medium to express our feelings and share them with the world. That I am grateful for.  

Recently, my very good friend made a good point, she shared it on Facebook. Here it is ....  - See more at:

Nailed it! I don't believe this could have been said any better. It got me thinking, what do we really care about, what really worries us, or is it that we aren't being given the right things to worry about, via the Media? We are a part of the trend, what we share, follow and like is the MEDIA, we can change this. 

 I am a "mommy blogger", I enjoy writing about women's issues, parenting, my family, recipes, and what ever comes to mind. A great freedom that I have been given, one that I cherish. One that many women (or men) in our world do not have. No, I don't believe we should stop writing about what we care about. I believe, most of us are doing our best to get through the day. Life can be hard, but my complaints are much smaller than those in many other parts of the world. 

I am definitely not taking away from the issues we as women write about. I certainly don't believe that we should stop writing about, shark week, breastfeeding, or Robin Williams for that matter.  Yet, we have the ability to make a difference. We have the ability to write better content. To uplift communities and help them! Through our words! Just because we are so called "mommy bloggers" does not mean would shouldn't be speaking out regarding these types of issues. I wouldn't want my kids to think that these aren't important issues, because they are. 

When a celebrity's death is trending over a possible genocide, I do believe we have a problem. If you are interested in helping the woman of Iraq, please take a look at this website. Women for Women International. Also please watch the following video. I believe this man has some very great things to say. 


- See more at:


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