Robin Williams will be missed

We all learned that actor Robin Williams, was pronounced dead Monday,  August 11th, 2014.
I grew up watching his greatest hit movies including, JUMANJI, MRS. DOUBTFIRE & (voice over) ALADDIN.

Who would have thought a very funny man would have such demons inside his head. I had no idea he suffered from depression. I also did not know he has been to rehab. He is the last actor I would think would commit suicide.

I guess it does not matter how much money and success you have. If you suffer from depression and suicidal thoughts, the money, fame, friends & family may not help the situation.  I am guessing people who have this "disease" are wired differently. I am afraid to die. They, don't see the light. They probably don't have anything to look foward to. I personally have not ever met anyone who is that depressed or suicidal.

Have any of you had those deep suicidal thoughts? Like the real kind? What are some of the things family and friends can do to help? Did you go to rehab? Did it help? Can it help? What is the advice you can give others to help keep you alive?  

I have not. Like I said, I am afraid to die. I cannot imagine how the brain is wired like that. How people could just want to shut off.  My only advice to them is start thinking what you do have in your life. What are you greatful for? Is it a roof over your head? Do you have a job? Do you have family & friends? Why are you so lost? What is it? I see bums in the street that smile. what should they say?  Help us understand so we can help. This needs to stop. 

Please take care of eachother.  You are NOT alone.
R.I.P.  Robin Williams.  We pray for you and your family.

God Bless.


The Queen


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