Rocco Won’t Eat That – Month 1 Of The Picky Eating Experiment

Do you have a ‘picky’ eater in your house?   Ours is my son, Rocco, whose picky eating is starting to drive me insane with wasted food, tantrums and Pinterest-worthy plate presentations of carrot wheels and letters made out of green beans.  I worry all the time about whether he is getting the vitamins and nutrients he needs and I lose sleep trying to plot sneaky ways to get him to try, or even lick, a vegetable.  I rush through my own dinner so I can finish before he eats all of the bread or fruit on his plate and starts fussing to leave the table because he hates the meat and vegetables remaining.

My new monthly series will chronicle my attempts to encourage my son to expand his eating habits and I’d love to hear your ideas or just commiserate if you have a similar issue in your house.  If your picky child is now an adult who delights in quail eggs and flax seed, please tell me so that I can have hope!



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Susan Maccarelli

Blogger: Pecked To Death By Chickens