Is there a lack of leadership within our top elected officials? 

I’m beginning to think that the current American crisis that includes the raising of debt ceiling to the inability to solve government spending is a game between two groups of political parties.  A game that’s all about political careers and not what is the right for American’s.  The game that is being played is bringing the United States issues to the fore front and dividing American’s into the same political party madness.  This attempt to divide American’s is only to gain ‘votes’ in 2012.

A deal needs to be made and it will happen but I don’t think any major changes will occur resulting in a sluggish recovery until after the 2012 election.  Since the top leaders in the world can’t figure out how work together and create solutions I have a suggestion for their childish behavior.

For an easy fix to the lack of leadership I suggest an easy simple idea that even Congress could understand.  Ever hear of the ‘Rock-paper-scissors it’s a hand game, Rock-paper-scissors’ can be played by two or more people.

“The game is often used as a selection method in a way similar to coin flipping, drawing straws, or throwing dice. However, unlike truly random selection methods, rock-paper-scissors can be played with a degree of skill, especially if the game extends over many sessions with the same players; it is often possible to recognize and exploit the non-random behavior of an opponent” Wikipedia®


US Treasury Secretary, Timothy Geithner;

“The United States is not going to default. We are a country that pays its bills. We’re going to meet our obligations and the Leadership in Congress, Republicans and Democrats, House and Senate, understand that.” <a href="”>Crunch meeting on US debt crisis</a>

Again, elected officials may have now decided that their ‘political careers’ are more important than American’s.  This should be unacceptable to women and in 2012 women need to use their ‘VOTE’ as their voice to create change.


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