Rockin' Style and the Menaces!

Hello, my lovelies!


Sorry that it took so long for me to update! Thanks to a horrible sinus infection, I was out of commission last week. :-(

Well, I'm here now!


Let's see what can I talk about... hmmm...

Before I got sick, I went to the flea market. I absolutely love the flea market! I mean, what's not to love?! Anyway, I REALLY did like my outfit that day (And I rarely like the way I look... I'm always super harsh on myself! *shrug*)

I had just gotten this Beatles fringe top at Walmart (yes, Walmart... :-) ) and decided to wear it with a grey tanktop and black skinny jeans that I purchased at Cato and some black ankle boots that I found on Ebay.

A few days later, I wore a similar outfit. The only difference was my top. It's a blue/purple/green/black striped "tanktop".

Truth is, it's actually a BATHING SUIT TOP!

One time, when I was late on laundry duty, I wore it to one of my college classes. I had gotten so many compliments on it! Lol

My cousins stayed with me the weekend before last. It was fun! The two youngest ones are eight and six years old. They. Are. Menaces! But I love them. Lol

Their big sister is one of my best friends! Her name is Loey. Such a sweetheart!

Later that weekend another one of my besties came to stay a night, and we had ourselves an unplanned movie night! :-)

We watched The Hunger Games (Yes, I'm a fan. Mainly of the book series) and Ninja Assassin (*sigh* I shall talk about Rain at a later time...).

My brother Oliver eventually joined in on Movie Night!

Anywho! Those were the highlights of the past couple of weeks for me!


-Do any of you like either of my outfits?

-What have been some of your best outfits?

-What kind of style would you like to see me try out?


More awesomeness to come... Soon! I promise!






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