Rock+Paper+Music | Sass & Sensibility from Lorraine Devon Wilke

This is my column. My slice of life. My big fat "Letter to the Editor." And like the rules of the game from which I borrowed the title, the focus of Rock+Paper+Music changes depending on which subject wins the throw-down on a given day! Sometimes it's politics, music, or writing, others it's kids & family. Often I'm inspired to cover a particular artist, band, movie or TV program that's either annoying the hell out of me or demanding my rapt attention. I'm big on cultural analysis and occasionally my activist self shoves front and center to raise a ruckus. Of course, there's always the life stories: eclectic, colorful and hopefully resonant, to illustrate and draw parallels wherever possible. And when a good laugh can be found, I'm all over it. Sass and sensibility in equal doses. The point is, the focus is, my particular voice on the topic at hand. Enjoy as you will. Leave comments either way. I'm always happy to facilitate civil discussion amongst considerate commenters. Thanks for reading! LDW