Romance ~ The Smile


Smiling is contagious, this is a scientific fact, there is an involuntary muscle in the brain that when you see someone smile it causes you to respond with a smile. 

Smiling suggests you are personable, approachable, out going, easy to be around, and confident. A smile will perk-up your mood, and it will boost the mood of those around you. A smile produces endorphins, endorphins produce chemicals in the brain which gives you a feeling of well-being, and happiness. 

The Smile and The Social Scene

You have a chance encounter with a person you would like to ask out. This is your one and only opportunity to approach the person, put on a big smile, and go for it.   

The best accessory you can wear to attract the opposite sex is a smile. Approaching someone to ask them out is stressful. Studies have shown smiling relieves stress, anxiety, and relaxes the body. A bright smile, along with a relaxed manner communicates confidence, and self-assurance. 

A smile will also encourage the opposite sex to approach you. It helps to break the ice, it says you are genuine and trustworthy. It creates a likable quality which will help generate a connection between you and the other person. 

A smile makes you more attractive. It is a natural facelift, and presence the appearance of youthfulness.

The Smile and the First Date

A first date can be stressful; smiling at appropriate times throughout the date will relieve tension, and it will put you, and your date at ease.

Smiling signals your date that you find her interesting. You are enjoying her company, and you would like to get to know her better. 

A smile is the conduit
 which will energize the date, make you appear intelligent, and successful. 

Smiling is one key to ensure you have a second, and a third date. 

The Smile and The Relationship

A smile is not superficial, it is actually a quality people seek in a life partner.   

Building a life together has its challenges, a smile reassures your partner that you are in it for keeps, and all will be fine. The gesture is a reminder, that at the heart of the matter is love, friendship, and a successful relationship.

There will be times in a relationship when you will irritate each other. He clicks his spoon on the side of the coffee cup, she slurps her tea, before either of you forge ahead with a complaint; smile. When you smile your partner will return the smile, easing the tension building up between the two of you. Now the two of you can laugh at the situation, instead of flaring up over such insignificant matters. 

Your partner will screw-up, say the wrong thing in public, forget an important date, or simply not consider your feelings. You do not need to lecture, or complain because your mate knows, far too well, that he disappointed you. A smile, and a hug defuses the situation, it forms a deeper bond, and allots you the ‘grace card’ for when you fail. 

Your mate is not a mind-reader, when there are adjustments you need to make in your relationship, do not schlepp it off. Relationships require attention, and maintenance, ask your partner for a time when he will be available for a sit-down discussion. Be open, and honest with each other, and smile often. Smiling will generate good will, and a sense of accomplishment as you make the necessary changes for a fulfilling relationship. 

The f-word is the best part of the romantic relationship; FUN. You are with your best friend, the person who improves you, and makes your life worthwhile. Smiling broadcast to your mate, and the world your happiness, and your contentment with your partner, and your relationship. 

Another reason for you, and your partner to smile is smiling is an aphrodisiac.

May your day be filled with lots of smiles, Tina 


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