Romancing Your Husband During A Financial Hardship

An unemployment or financial hardship can easily extinguish the flame of passion in your marriage.  That's why it's so important to do your best throughout the year to show your mate how much you love them.   Now, I know this isn't always easy to do, especially when there's so much stress and money is tight.

But to keep the spark alive, you'll need to be open-minded, creative, and willing to put forth an effort to intentionally show your love in tangible ways.   Particularly on special occasions like Valentine's Day or an Anniversary.

Here are some frugal ideas for romancing your husband during a financial hardship:


Prepare His Favorite Meal


It's said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.  You know your husband well, and you know what food melts his heart.  So why not plan a special meal.  His favorite meal!   Have a friend or family member watch the kiddos for you, or plan to put them to bed an hour earlier than normal.  Then go all out to prepare his special feast, including beautiful table settings, romantic candlelight, and any other special touches you think he would enjoy.  Some wine, perhaps?  Or maybe his favorite beer.  Serve dinner in sexy lingerie to shake things up a bit.


 Write A Love Note On The Bathroom Mirror


In a bright shade of lipstick or with a dry erase marker, write a sexy note or tell your man how much you love him on the bathroom or bedroom mirror.  Pretty kiss marks add an extra special touch.   Don't worry, it'll wash off the mirror…eventually.


Enjoy A Romantic Dessert


This is an alternate idea to preparing your husband's favorite meal, or you can include dessert after the meal.  Either way, dessert should be sensual, decadent, and an opportunity to totally splurge.  My husband and I really love to share chocolate covered strawberries with each other.  Certainly you and your man have a favorite of your own.  Go ahead, romance him with something sweet.

Take A Bubble Bath Together


When was the last time you and your man took a bath together?   Never?  Hey, don't knock it until you try it.  At the very least, it could get some serious laughter going as you both try to fit into the bath tub, or it might just create a beautiful memory.   Be sure to light a bunch of candles.  Candles = Romance!

Give Him A Full Body Massage By Candlelight


Turn the lights off, light candles all over the bedroom, and treat your husband to a full body massage.  Don't ask for anything in return.  This is about showing him how much you love him.  (Besides, if he's a good man, he'll probably return the favor on your birthday.)  Another great idea to enhance the massage is to create a music playlist "For Lovers" and put it on your iPod or other music device.  Then during the massage have your husband listen to the music on a low volume.

Write Him A Love Letter Or Special Poem


Some people have a gift for putting words of love eloquently on paper.  If that happens to be your gift, use it to create a steamy hot love letter to your husband or a sweet poem about why he's so lovable.  When the letter or poem is complete, roll it up nicely and tie a pretty bow around it.  Then hide it somewhere and send him on a treasure hunt to find it.

Take A Trip Down Memory Lane


Watch your wedding video together or look through old photo albums of the two of you together. Talk and laugh about the good old days.  Or, recreate your first date in the comfort of your own home.  Depending on how extravagant your first date was, you may have to get creative with this one.

Homemade Love Coupons


Grab some of that pretty card stock you have set aside for scrapbooks and create your own homemade Love Coupons.  Personalize them just for your husband and the specific things you know he would love and appreciate.  Be sure not to promise anything you aren't willing to follow through on.

Go Somewhere Special


Take a walk together or drive to a nearby landmark.  Perhaps the beach or a favorite park.  Take this time to quietly nurture your relationship with simple things like casual conversation, holding hands, and taking a few minutes (or longer) to kiss.  Use this time to reconnect and remember why you love and appreciate your husband so much.  Be sure to tell him why, too.

Go Out For A Coffee Date Together


If your husband is a coffee lover, treat him to a surprise get-away for a coffee date at your favorite coffee shop.  Be sure to splurge on a pastry or bagel too.   To enhance this date, prepare beforehand by writing some questions about each other you don't know or remember the answer to and fold the papers up into a Ziploc bag or small coin purse.  Pull this out during your coffee date and take turns drawing a question from the bag.  Then enjoy getting to know something new and exciting about your lover.

Videotape A Special Message For Him


If you have access to a video camera, record a special video for your husband.  Plan what you'll say, in advance.  Perhaps you can recite the top 50 reasons you love him or read a favorite Bible passage from Song of Songs.  Don't be shy.  Just knowing you put forth the effort to make him feel special will no doubt put a smile on his face.

Breakfast In Bed


Wouldn't it be fun to serve your husband breakfast in bed?  You could create heart shaped food too.  Use cookie cutters to make heart shaped toast or pancakes.  Goodness, just look on Pinterest for ideas.  There's a ton of Valentine heart shaped "treat" ideas to choose from.  What about serving it up on a pretty heart shaped platter with a heart shaped candle too?

Source: via Rosann on Pinterest





Have a Spontaneous Intimate Romp


Yep, you read that right.  Sexual intimacy is so important to keep the spark alive in a marriage.  Not only is it something your husband desires, but it's something you desire as well.  Maybe you don't feel like it because of all your worries over money, but trust me here.  Once you initiate the act, you'll have no regrets.  Approach your husband when he least expects it and be aggressive (lovingly, of course) so he knows what you want.  This act alone is guaranteed to reignite your marital flame.

Plan A Photo Shoot


Have a friend photograph you and your husband together in a fun, new setting.  Maybe with the beach and sunset behind you or in a grassy field?  Or if you prefer to surprise your husband and you totally trust your friend, have the friend take some sexy photos of you that you can give to your man as a special gift.

This is by no means an exhaustive list.  There are countless ways to show your love without breaking your already tight budget.   So what are you waiting for?   Turn all that stress into creative energy and go romance your man!

~May Christ's love always be at the center of your marriage!

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