Romney and Obama: As a Woman, What I Want!

I promised myself that I would not get pulled into the Romney vs. Obama debate.  I am not affiliated with any particular political party because I just don’t do well in the boxed up ideals as defined by others.

I am not going to talk about job prosperity or, a lack of, because it serves no practical purpose.  I am sure that both candidates want the best for the country and will do their very best to build our economy.  However, it is somewhat doubtful that Romney will be able to provide 250,000 jobs per month.  Obama’s prediction fell short by 125,000 jobs according to the jobs report.  Based on my poor attempt getting accurate data, it has been reported that there were anywhere from 150,000 to 201,000 new jobs for the month of July. Obviously, it all depends on who is doing the counting and what agenda they hold. 

While the numbers reported by both political factions may be true or not true, the job market is based on other factors such as Global Economics, cooperation of Congress, and whether folks really want to go back to work.  People wanting to go back to work may sound harsh but I have talked to several folks who didn’t go back to work until all their unemployment options ran out.  I heard statements like “I need a break”, “I can get by easily on unemployment”, and my favorite; “This is so ‘cool’ and I get a check every single week!”  Of course, this grossly unfair to the many who really want to return to work and who are struggling to keep their families afloat.  As to whether it is better now as opposed to the inherited 800,000 job loss in 2008 (per Rep Chris Van Hollen of Maryland) I am sure each party will have their own twist.  I must say that I was very hard hit by the 2008 saga and I am here to say that for Susan Banner Todd it is much better now.

On to what matters to me… First, I really resent it when men make public statements about what I should and should not do with my own physical body.  I want my rights and am entitled to them as a human being.  I find it insulting that Wade vs Roe has been brought into any political agenda. 

Second, I want a president that can relate, with compassion, to the needs of the many.  Questions I would like to ask are, “Have you ever missed a meal?”  “Been hungry and I mean really hungry?” “Have you gone to school with the soles of your shoes tied on with string?”  “What is your most humiliating moment you have experienced?”  “Have you ever been denied medical care because of no insurance or lack of money?”  “There is no pain like a toothache; has that been your experience?” “Have you been without dental care because the cost was so extreme that it would take a month’s wage to pay for the visit?” “Have you gone to bed without heat and electricity?”  Can you answer these questions?  Do you look down on those less fortunate as less than you or do you think that all they need to do is work hard?  What if I were to tell you that these are the questions of a child?   They are.  I know as I have been there and so have many voting Americans.  Think about it?

Lastly, I am spiritually driven and not religious.  I don’t care if you are a Mormon, Catholic, or a Christian.  You can call it what you want, ‘faith driven’ ‘moral compass’ and other clichés but it is still religious.  Keep your religious beliefs out of it, please.  I am just as American as you are.  I believe strongly in the separation of state and religion just as was intended by the forefathers of our country.

I keep hearing from friends and acquaintances that we need to bring the old America back.  What for?  I’d rather move forward with light and compassion for all. 

Susan Banner Todd


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