At the RNC: Romney Restoring GOP's Faith on Economy, Leadership

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Two disasters rest on the lips of every delegate, GOP staffer and member of the media: Hurricane Isaac and the national economy.

The 2012 Republican National Convention agenda carefully danced with the impending disaster of the former made by Mother Nature, while presuming to be the hope to recover the nation from the latter.

Each day's theme reinforces the Romney/ Ryan message that tough times promise to only get tougher -- unless America hires them to the highest office to right the ship.

Monday through Thursday's overarching messages laid out in the official agenda as such: "We Can Do Better;" "We Built It," "We Can Change It," and "We Believe in America."

The inclusive word of "we" brings to mind the feeling of belonging to a team and facing down a problem together.

Courtney Johnson, Deputy National Coalitions Director for Romney, spoke with BlogHer Monday in the Media Center about the impacts of the economy on the nation, especially on women.

"We've talked to women across the United States and overwhelmingly, the No. 1 issue is the economy," Johnson said. "Unemployment for women spiked from 7 percent to 8.1 percent in the last three years and we have 5.9 million unemployed women. In fact, women are dealing with the highest poverty rates in 17 years."

Could the answers to these very serious, very real problems be a Romney/Ryan White House?

A signal that Democrats fear that answer points to some unusual appearances at the RNC from the likes of Los Angeles Mayor AntonioVillaraigosa, who's serving as Chair of the 2012 Democratic National Convention. He spoke impromptu with media at the Tampa Convention Center Monday.

>> Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa speaks with media at the RNC. Photo by Erica Holloway.

Still, a Romney/Ryan momentum seems to be gathering steam with the hope of improving lives in the balance.

As a member of the Romney campaign's military family coalition in Hampton Roads, VA, congressional staffer and Navy wife Breanna Kingsbury believes a President Romney would address the three main issues weighing on military families: salary, education and affordable childcare.

"Many military families are burnt out," she said Monday evening at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce reception at the Tampa Aquarium."Now that Bin Laden is dead, they don't see a reason to be (in the Middle East) anymore."

Complicating those economic stressors: healthcare for the seriously injured and the early release, or firing, of servicemembers.

The Navy alone cut more than 15,000 sailors leading to recent legal action.

"We haven't scratched the surface of traumatic brain injuries and post-traumatic stress disorders," she said. "They need more awareness and funding for our families and servicemembers -- not just now, but also down the road. And it's especially important now that so many families thought they'd be in for life."

Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin addressed the Republican Governors Association reception in Ybor City at the Columbia Restaurant to rally her own troops.

OK Gov Mary Fallin>>Oklahoma Gov. Mary Fallin speaking with young Republican women. Photo by Erica Holloway

"We cannot afford another four years of failed economic policies," she said. "It's time for President Romney."

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