Romney Ryan Dustcloths

I’m oh-so-tired of politics. I’m really ready for this election to be over. Knowing that the election will be held in just five days gives me hope. BUT, something tells me that we may see another protracted election ala 2000 and, as they say, it’s not over until it’s over.


I suppose no matter who wins, unless there is an undeniable landslide as pundits like Dick Morris predicts,  there are bound to be recounts. Already there are glitches in the system. In Ohio early voters are complaining that their electronic votes for Mitt Romney came up as Obama when the button was pushed and the ballot cast. Naturally, there will need to be an investigation there since the early voting has been ongoing for a month or more. I’m confident that there will be other issues for election officials to solve. I just hope we can get a clear answer sooner rather than later. The long, drawn-out recounts we’ve seen in elections like the Minnesota Senate race which gave us (or inflicted upon us, depending upon your perspective) Al Franken, may be looming in our collective future. I’m not ready for a year-long recount effort. Ugh.


For my part, I’m ready to retire the Romney/Ryan shirts I’ve been wearing like uniforms for several months and I’m looking forward to watching television commercials about erectile dysfunction and bladder control issues rather than political nincompoopery. I’m not sure when a presidential race became a multi-year process, but I see it as overkill. Particularly since there are STILL people who don’t yet know who they’re voting for. How does THAT happen? (If you don’t know yet which is the man for the job, may I suggest the Romney/Ryan ticket? Unless you’re looking forward to another four years of being broke and scorned globally because your leader is a liar and a foreign policy failure, Romney is the only choice.)

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