Romney Wins Florida; The Primary in Tweets

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Mitt Romney won Florida's Republican presidential primary with a commanding lead over Newt Gingrich, with Rick Santorum and Ron Paul a distant third and fourth.

Exit polls showed Romney winning 51% of the vote among women and 53% of the Latino vote -- which made up 15% of voters. Romney also outspent Gingrich 3:1 on a storm of advertising, which was overwhelmingly -- 92% -- negative.

Romney Wins Florida
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In his speech, Romney positioned himself against Obama, mostly ignoring the other primary candidates.

An aide to Romney's campaign told the AP that the candidate would start receiving Secret Service protection. The next Republican primary election comes on Saturday in Nevada, in which Romney currently leads in the polls but Paul and Santorum are campaigning in force.

Upon news of the decision, Viviana Hurtado of The Wise Latina Club posted on FOX Latino" Mitt Romney, the First Gringo-Latino President?

Around the time that Mitt Romney started to double down on his immigration views, insisting that he would not support passage of the DREAM Act if elected president, news reports revealed that the former Massachusetts governor not only had familia in Mexico, but his dad -- Michigan governor, 1968 Presidential candidate, and successful auto exec George Wilcken -- was born south of the border. "¡El padre de Romney es de Mexico!," exclaimed Fox News Latino senior columnist Geraldo Rivera (followed by: "Who knew?").

The Florida Primary in Tweets

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