Room of Your Own | Presentation: Crowdfunding - When $20 from Family and Friends Isn't Enough to Fund Your Dream / Roundtable: Blogging the Unbloggable - Writing About Hard Topics Without Being Hated


2:30-3:15 | Crowdfunding – When $20 from Family and Friends Isn't Enough to Fund Your Dream
In one hand you have an amazing idea. In the other hand, you have a Great Aunt Sarah who you are going to have to ask for an advance on her bequest to you in her will. There has to be another way to fund a project that you know will work, but needs some/a lot of financial help. And there is: Crowd-funding. But is this a good way to go for everyone – and more specifically, for you to go? Learn the pros and cons of running a campaign on one of the 40+ crowd-funding programs out world-wide (Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Fundraise,  Sponsume, etc).

Panelists: Erin Margolin, Jan Ziff, and Kerryn Gerety

3:15-4:00 | Blogging the Unbloggable – Writing about Hard Topics without Being Hated
Politics, religion, children with mental illness, abortion, marriage equality, gun control. These topics send most bloggers running, but there is a way to discuss these touchy subjects with tact, understanding, and civility. Discuss the difference between civil discourse and inflammatory writing, finding the line between discussion and defensiveness, understanding and expressing that the other side is not a bunch of morons out to get you, when is it okay to delete a comment, and how to admit when you’re wrong or there is no right. These bloggers have taken the dive into the muck and the mire, and come out alive, and in one piece.

Panelists: Adrienne Jones, Alex Iwashyna, and Cora Harrington