The Root of Love


I am reading a book called “The Places That Scare You.” By Pema Chodron. She is an American woman who became a Tibetan monk after living a life as wife and mother. While her words speak of the Buddhist faith, meditation and balance, her history rests on a life not unlike our own.
This week I was reading a section on honoring yourself and others. She speaks of creating a meditiative practice where you wish for peace, strength, love for yourself and others. ” I wish ( name) finds comfort, and the root of comfort. I wish (your beloved) finds strength, and the root of strength”. It goes like that.

I started to think of “the root of” a virtue that she often mentions in this chant. Digging down deep to find the nurturing origins of that strength, love and power. The root. I love that idea of finding the root of what you need to sustain you.

Chodron also mentions that as you continue the practice, you begin to make wishes for those you love, eventually, you also begin to make wishes for those that “irritate” you. She says it is hard to wish goodness on those that have hurt you, but once you can do that, you can let everything go.

I promised I would throw a stone in the ocean and make a wish for every person who is experiencing challenges with conceiving or loss . (IUI,IVF,egg donation, adoption,or just trying and hoping….)I decided to wait until we were in Bermuda, where the water was aqua and sentient. My husband and I swam out of a cove on Horeshoe bay. It was raining. I used a handful of pink sand to make my tribute to you. For a moment I felt like we were all connected by a golden thread.

Dear reader-
“I wish you happiness, and the root of happiness.
I wish you strength, and the root of strength.
I wish you love, and the root of love.
I wish you faith, and the root of faith.
I wish you good health, and the root of good health.
I wish you a happy family, and the root of that family. “
With love…
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