Rose rescue kitty

Rose on a chair

Meet Rose!  

This picture of her is exactly one week from last Sunday when I was able to bring her in to be loved, and cared for properly. 

It began on a Tuesday prior to that Sunday, I was sitting out on the back step, taking a break, and saw a little kitty.  I spoke, and called, "kitty, kitty"...and she just sat there.  I went in for dry Halo cat kibble and water, sat it down and called her, left her be.

When I looked out the window,  there was nothing left in either dish.  I called and called and she never came around that evening. 

Wednes, she came back and I was all prepared for her arrival, and had in addition to her dry, a can of tuna on a plate for her.

This time after she ate she hopped up on my lap and nuzzled her face into my arms and just purred and carried on, climbed up around my neck and didn't want me to let her go.  She was skin and bones.

I live with my 84 yr. old mother, I am her caretaker, and I have one cat Romeo.  I relayed all of this to her, I was so upset having to put her down and not let her in.

It took all the way to Sunday, my mother agreed and I snapped into action and made an appointment at the veterinarians office, we got in Tuesday. 

I asked about her short ear, birth defect? No, she has been digging at her ear most likely all of her life and damaged it from mites.  He also told me that she wasn't a kitten as I thought she was 8-10 years old and apparently nobody ever really cared about her. 

Blood was drawn for feline leukemia in house test, ears mildly flushed with a strong insecticide, and we go back this Wednesday for another flushing and antibiotic drops for her ears there, and for me to drop into her ears here at home. 

I want to schedule a blood chem panel for her at the end of the month, they are 125.00 but necessary to see how internal organs are functioning.  If all okay, I will have her 4 in 1 and rabies shots.  My sister told me those 4 in 1 shots have a spot of mercury in them, and say if she had....renal failure for instance, it would be damaging.

At this appointment Wednesday, I must also ask, and I had forgotten to as I was just shocked at her age and it removed so many questions I had....I need to know if she has ever been spayed.  That will be something that will need to be done, but not until she puts some more meat on her bones, and gets a clean bill of health.

Since our first appointment, she has settled in nicely!  Prefers hanging out under the bed, all of her wet meals which consist of chicken livers, ground turkey, chicken breast and thigh meats and tuna....are served in her room, and dry Halo is out at all times.  I serve her meals warm and with the juices, tuna at room temp.  Romeo eats tuna...not as much as she does, so it goes quickly!  Romeo prefers his dry, it is a chicken base with other good things in it, and not so much for the fresh meats. 

I do not buy canned cat foods for my cats, nor do I or have I ever purchased grocery store brands.  Most are all under the Purina umbrella and they are all formulated using rendered meats and other things not fit for human consumption.  

Halo is a holistic food and I just favor spending a bit more to know my little friends are eating well. 

Her litter pan is also in that room, and while she is now cruising around more comfortably, I am going to move that pan into another room....the den we have Romeo's pan in.  She will also need to learn to come to the kitchen for her foods and water.  I just don't want foods and water to be in the bedroom forever, it will take time, but slowly changing things in a few weeks should do the trick!  

Rose is so loveable, purrs all the time.  Romeo has not been near her at all, watches from a distance, and we have noticed no ear scratching or itching from him so that is a good thing. 


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